What’s up motherfuckers!  All my dedicated blog followers have no doubt been waiting with baited breath for the closing act to my 4-day trip to Munich that I took way back in like idk fucking March or something.  Suffice to say posting about this trip to Garmisch (-Partenkirchen) has taken a lot longer than I thought it would, not because I wanted to like, figure out the best way to tell a great story, but more in the same way that you leave a shirt on your floor for like 6 months because you just couldn’t be bothered to pick it up right away, and over time it just becomes a habit to choose not to pick up that shirt.

The good thing about all this time that’s passed is I’ve forgotten everything that happened except probably the only things worth really telling anyone about.  My trip can be boiled down to basically this:

  1. Garmisch is fucking crazy beautiful, this old looking Bavarian town surrounded by incredible views of the Alps everywhere you look.

Dear god


What the fuckin fuck

2. The thing to do at Garmisch is to go to the top of the Zugspitze, the highest mountain in Germany.  You can get up there by hiking, taking a 2-3 hour train ride, or taking a sweet like 30 minute cable car.  Since I still had to drive 6 hours back to Baumholder to go to work the next day, I didn’t have time for any of these except the cable car.  So I drove about 30 minutes to the cable car station, realized I was at the wrong place, drove another 30 minutes to the right place, and was greeted with this:


Sorry folks, park’s closed!

Well, fuck me I guess.  So I didn’t go to the top of the Zugspitze.  Great, cool, totally cool, great trip, awesome.

I did get some pictures of the Austrian town Ehrwald, which is just as crazy beautiful, and more quaint, smaller, and less touristy that Garmisch:


Jesus Christ people actually live here

Though it was a little tough to enjoy fully that since I was in a pretty rough mood about not being able to get to the top of the Zugspitze.


Here I am, once again

3.  I did get to check out Partnachklamm, the #2 (of 2) things to do in Garmisch.  Partnachklamm is this totally sick kind of otherworldly-feeling gorge with weirdly turquoise rushing water and sunlight filtering down the steep rock walls through sprays of water.  You walk along for about a mile or so along a narrow path cut into the side of the rock.  It feels like a place where you would find a really cool Pokemon.


Feels like there’s an Articuno back there


Hope I brought enough Ultra Balls


This is a good spot for a save in case I need to try agian

There were also some nice views on the short hike up to the gorge:




Hey look a functioning cable car, what a crazy impossibility

That’s it for that, leaving us with the last significant part of this trip:

4.  I got a parking ticket (never paid, suck it Germany!!!)

And that’s it!  I know, enrapturing.  So worth the wait.  I almost didn’t even write about this but I just had such dope pictures that I had to share.  You know what, maybe you should just check out the pictures, and not read any of it, because there isn’t anything that interesting.

Next post though – oh boy, it’ll be a big one.  Next post will be Budapest, the first place I visited in my wild, epic, honestly soon to be legendary, 3-week Eurotrip.

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